Expanding the Ordinary Moment. Interview. by Alexandra Garder in August 2012 for New Music Box. Transcription.

Long Tube Lesson. Interview by Brian McWhorter and Molly Barth at University of Oregon in April 2012. Produced: Blue Dot Productions.

Speaking with the Dead Interview July 2010 for Roulette TV.


dailybell sunwatch This is an extension of the dailybell project/practice. Over the years, people have occasionally shared media of (mostly) sunsets. Invitation: Capture your sunrise or sunset and post photos, movies, audio (attach to still image). Let's see and hear from as many places in the world as often as possible. It's not much, but we can inspire and sustain a reminder of our connection to each other and to this world we seem so determined to destroy.

dailybell sunwatch

What Can You Do? is a celebration and reclamation of the public space through direct interaction among strangers. Oddly enough, it is NOT about what YOU can do. What Can You Do? is also the question to ask other people. Your role is to either learn to do what they share with you or to witness and document it.

What Can You Do?

dailybell2008 was the inaugural year in an ongoing project dedicated to the observation of the sun every time it crossed the horizon and to sharing the awareness of that moment with others. Beginning on Monday evening December 31, 2007, at 4:59 PST, I will ring a bell everyday at sunrise and sunset- indefinitely. Please join me and post to the blog as well.


The Bell Project An acoustic cross-country adventure. If a bell rings in a shopping mall parking lot, will anyone respond? On September 1, 2006, I set out on a cross-country, sound-performance journey to investigate the public's interactions with and reactions to the sonorous tones of a 250-pound cast-iron bell. From Michigan to New York to San Francisco, I rang the bell in small towns, city parks, shopping malls, rest stops, and more.


New World Records. Music for Merce 1952-2009. "Event- February 22, 2009" Improvisation with Ikue Mori, Christian Wolff and Robyn Schulkowsky for Merce Cunningham Dance Co. DIA Beacon NY. Music for Merce 1952-2009

The Lab 20th Anniversary CD. (compilation curated by Beth Custer). "Star Strangled Banner"

Frog Peak Music, LTD. "How Do You Get To Carnegie Hall?" (score for performance). Hanover, NH.

"How Do You Get To Carnegie Hall?" (documentary for radio version) on Third Coast International Audio Festival Archives

Leonardo Music Journal. Vocal Neighborhoods. "Long Tube Trio." Listen LMJ3 CD and magazine.

"Violet Flame" (soundprint version)

Seldom Still. Excerpts from "Fly Away All," " Storytime," "Apple Etudes," "Voices of Reason," "EEEYAH!" Cassette compilation of selected works from 1982-1989, NYC.

LongTubes: Solos and Duets. includes the "Star Strangled Banner"

Family Album. VOYS #5. "Storytime". "Every Dream Has Its Number".

"EEEYAH!" CD collection of audio works published by Steve Peters. The Aerial #4.

Sound Design/Music for visual media

"Nothing Like Dreaming" excerpt - Opening

"Secret Paths in the Forest. " "Rockett's New School. " Purple Moon

Liquid Sky. Co-composed with Clive Smith. VARESE SARABANDE. Discogs

"Fisherman Plunk" Click on the angry PLUNK)

"The Principle of Relativity According to Bernadette" (Click on the Old Bernadette)


Minimall. "Long Tube Trio." CD TELLUS #27 NYC.

Site-less Sounds. "Vanishing Act." Collaboration with Constance De Jong: text. CD TELLUS #25 NYC.

The Music of Paul Bowles. "Allal." Narration: Paul Bowles, Music/Sound Design: Brenda Hutchinson CD TELLUS #23 NYC.

Tango Tellus. "Slow Death on a Thorny Rose." Collaboration with Gerald Lindahl. TELLUS Audio Cassette Magazine #16 NYC.

Music with Memory. Interlude from "Voices of Reason. "TELLUS Audio Cassette Magazine #9 NYC.

TELLUS #1. "Wordplay." TELLUS Audio Cassette Magazine #1 NYC.